Walter Zuccarini al FARINDOLA INTERNAZIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL – 27 luglio/10 agosto 2016

Walter Zuccarini al FARINDOLA INTERNAZIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL – 27 luglio/10 agosto 201611 luglio 2016


farindola art festival walter zuccarini 2016 Walter Zuccarini al FARINDOLA INTERNAZIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL   27 luglio/10 agosto 2016 scultura FARINDOLA INTERNAZIONAL ARTS FESTIVAL farindola

The artists:

- Nicky Browne
- Laura Burke
- Annie Coxey
- Margreet Duursema
- Rian Geurts
- Marco Menato
- Oliver rennert
- Justyna Wojnowska
- Walter Zuccarini

What is it?
In a small Abruzzo village, at the foot of the Gran Sasso and in the fabulous National Park of the Gran Sasso e Monti della Laga, the Farindola International Arts Festival has been born, an art event which will bring together 10 international artists with a group of italian artists, selected by the organizing committee on the basis of their ability, the professionalism of their work and their CVs. The artists will be invited to stay in the village in exchange for providing free artistic expression to animate the historic centre of the town. Each artist will be provided with a room for 15 days for free and may also be accompanied by a member of their family for a nominal price.

Who are we?
The first edition of the Farindola International Arts Festival took place in 2015, during which the town council of Farindola in collaboration with the artist Paul Critchley, the youth of Farindola and local associations welcomed 10 international artists, providing them with a place to stay, studio, welcome dinner, guided excursions, free entry to the events “CamminarMangiando” and “Pecorino e Pecorini”, as well as free tickets to the municipal swimming pool. This year the youngsters of Farindola have decided to instigate a non-profit organization for the festival in which Paul Critchley will be supported by local associations (Proloco, ViviFarindola, Zanzara, CAI, l’Ana, l’AGBE etc,) as well as the Farindolesi restaurants, the town council and the organization “DMC Gran Sasso e terre vestine”.

What kind of artists are we looking for?
We are looking for all kinds who can benefit and find inspiration from the ambiance which Farindola offers. We want them to have respect for our land and for art, as well as the environment in which we live and our traditions. We’re looking for people with deep thoughts and sensitive eyes who know how to capture all this and transform our landscape, the magic of this place and turn it into art.

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